Understanding Enrollment (Legacy)

Please Note

This is a legacy feature and may not be available to your brand.

Every enrolled member has an enrollment date which is the date they officially enrolled in the program. A member’s enrollment date is recorded when the enrolled flag is set equal to true for the first time.

If you are using Virtual Terminal, the enrolled flag is set when a new card is activated.

If you are using the Clutch Member Portal, the enrolled flag is set when a customer signs up and completes your set requirements.

If you have an integration with Clutch, the enrolled flag may be set to true at any time depending on the design of your integration.

You can explore your commerce data by navigating to: Explore Data > EnrollmentĀ and clicking through the available data pages.

Note: In the New Enrollments page, all enrollments are counted even if the customer has now closed or suspended their account. To view the count of active cards only, create a segment for this condition and use it to filter by it.


Please Note

The options available to you under Explore Data will vary depending on your data set up, your integration with Clutch and whether you have gift/stored value or a loyalty program.

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Updated on March 25, 2024

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