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Understanding Commerce Data (Legacy)

Please Note

This is a legacy feature and may not be available to your brand.

The Commerce data in the Portal includes sales from all anonymous orders (if we are collecting anonymous orders for your brand) and sales from all identifiable orders made by a customer with an activated card. The sales number recorded is the amount a customer paid for their order (taxes may or may not be included). The sales number recorded takes returns into account.

If your data is sent to Clutch via the batched method, the data displayed here may be delayed by 1 day.

If your data is sent in real-time the data displayed here should be accurate but you may notice a small offset due to inconsistent time zones.

You can explore your Commerce data by navigating to: Explore Data > Commerce and clicking through the available data pages.

Please Note

The options available to you under Explore Data will vary depending on your data set up, your integration with Clutch and whether you have gift/stored value or a loyalty program.

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Updated on March 25, 2024

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