Virtual Terminal Roles

Roles and capabilities vary depending on how your users are set up by Clutch within our admin tool. Location Manager and Clerk are the two most used accounts. Below are their capabilities. Note: An individual email address can only be assigned a single role.

Roles Overview

Permission Description

Search: enables user to search system by last name, phone number, card number, or email address.

Actions: enables user to issue and redeem gift cards and enter transactions.

Loyalty: ability to issue loyalty points to customers.

Customer Service: identify and resolve customer inquires across their purchase, reward, and communication activity.

Suspended Users

It is important to note that users will be suspended if they do not log in to Portal or Virtual Terminal in 90 days. An email will be sent out to the user at 75 days letting them know that if they do not login in the next 15 days, they will be suspended.

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Updated on May 20, 2020

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