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Balance Types / Value Types

A value type is a description of a type of balance which is available to all cards of all card sets within one program. A value type is defined by its program, Balance Type and depending on the Balance Type optionally also a Balance Code.

Available Balance Types are:

  • Currency, in which case the Balance Code indicates which currency code the value type refers to
  • Custom, in which case the Balance Code indicates which custom balance the value type refers to
  • Points, no Balance Code is specified
  • Punches, no Balance Code is specified

Per value type, you can configure the maximum balance you want any card to have of this value type and the minimum and maximum issuance and redemptions amounts. You can use this functionality to for instance limits gift cards in a specific program to have at most $100 on them.

You can set up Currency value types with international currency codes, such as USD. If the Balance Type is custom, you can build out as many custom value types with custom Balance Codes as are needed. These custom value types can be used to maintain balances specific to your brand, perhaps CoffeePoints or LifetimePoints. You can also use custom value types in combination with Campaigns to act as ‘counters’.

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Updated on August 19, 2020

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