A program can be used to group one or more card sets, which in turn contain the individual cards. Per program you can configure settings that you want to apply to all card sets associated with the program.

A program can be used and thought of as a logical grouping of multiple card sets that should all follow the same behavior.

The Clutch Platform has three primary program types:

1. Gift/Stored Value
In our experience, most people know about gift cards, however what you may not know or have not yet taken advantage of is additional ways to unlock gift and stored value within your current gift or loyalty program.  Here are a few ideas to consider.:

GIFT WITH PURCHASE: Spend $50, Get $5 promotion card
PRODUCT PROMOTION: Spend $75, Get a promotional gift
DISCOUNT CARD: Purchase of $50 or more, Receive a 10% discount
BONUS VALUE CARD: Spend $50 gift card, Receive extra $25 of stored value
SINGLE USE GIFT CARD: Send a $25 gift card to top spenders toward purchases over $150
FRANCHISE CARD: Offer cards that are usable across multiple affiliated franchises

2. Loyalty
Cards in Clutch loyalty programs include almost limitless configuration of possible points/rewards earning campaigns with your brands. The Clutch Portal Accounting provides reporting on the activity and balances of all value types contained within a program.

3. Combo Program
In the Clutch platform, a single card can hold both loyalty/rewards and Gift card value. Gift card value will show up on the card as “USD” and all other values will be associated with the loyalty program.



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Updated on June 21, 2024

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