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Searching for Coupons by Customer

You can search for a coupon by customer by following the steps below.

Step 1
1.1 Navigate to the Coupons section of Virtual Terminal and clock the Search by Customer button.

Step 2
2.1 Search for the customer using information such as their card number, first name, last name, email, phone number, and/or external reference number.
2.2 When viewing your search results, click on the Show Coupons button for the applicable customer.

Step 3
3.1 Once viewing customer details, you’ll be able to see all coupons associated with the customer.
3.2 Once you find the coupon you want to view details of, click the Show Details button for that coupon.

Step 4
4.1 You’ll now be able to view Coupon Details and Transaction History for your selected coupon.

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Updated on September 16, 2021

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